Fulton Cup VIII Recap

This year’s championship was the action-packed game as expected. In all, five of the seven competitors had the lead at some point in the game.

In a field featuring five BCL members and two guests, Russ H. won his first-even Fulton Cup and became the first Player of the Year to do so in the process.

Host Tom C. appeared to make both and early and late rallies to become the first host to ever win the ‘Cup, but his attempt to stake out was foiled by a successful heckle from Tim A. Tim then attempted to sneak into victory and become the first to win the cup two consecutive times, but missed an important shot, setting the stage for Russ’ heroics.

Final Standings: (* denotes non-member guest)

1) Russ H. (Green), 16
2) Tom C. (Red), 15
3 tie) Tim A. (Black), 13
3 tie) Michelle T. (Red Striped), 13
5) Jen* (Blue), 11
6) Michael C. (Yellow), 9
7) Krista/Zack * (Orange), 5

Fulcton Cup 8 - Award

Russ receives the Fulton Cup from the previous champion, Tim.


Who says croquet can’t be fun?