2009 Fulton Cup

Fulton Cup VI was held on Saturday, October 10, 2009, as a prelude to DHS Bash II held later that night. Tom & Pam served as our hosts extraordinaire.

Participants & Seedings:

The Back 40

The Back 40 - Home Course for Tom & Pam

#1. Tom Callan (host)
#2. Scott Siegel
#3. Chris Pecktol (Defending Champion)
#4. Brian Pecktol
#5. Matt Tillotson (Invited Guest)
#6. Mike Callan
#7. Tim Anstett

Final Results:

  • 1st: Matt Tillotson, Black, 16 points
  • 2nd: Scott Siegel, Blue, 13
  • 3rd (tie): Tom Callan, Blue Striped & Mike Callan, Green, 12
  • 5th: Chris Pecktol, Yellow, 10
  • 6th: Brian Pecktol, Red, 9
  • 7th: Tim Anstett, Orange,4
2009 Fulton Cup Winner

2009 Fulton Cup Winner

This year saw a controversial ending to the Fulton Cup Championship. Non-member Matt Tillotson won, but was believed ineligible as a non-member. However, Runner Up Scott Siegel, the highest scoring member, refused to receive the ‘Cup. It was later determined that there was a loophoole in the rules that allowed non-members to win the cup, so Matt was later awarded the cup and the rules changed to prevent future non-members from winning the Fulton Cup.

Horseshoe Results: (Our first sanctioned horseshoe game)

Mike Callan (12) / Matt Tillotson (9) = 21 — winners
Scott Siegel (7) / Chris Pecktol (6) = 13

League Honors:

  • All League: Tim Anstett (Player of the Year), Scott Siegel, Tom Callan, Michelle Tillotson, Joe
  • Rookie of the Year: (Not awarded)
  • Federation of the Year: Oakland County Croquet Federation

OCCF Honors:

  • All Conference: Tim Anstett (MVP), Tom Callan