Fulton Cup

The Fulton Cup

The trophy was created in 2005 for our sophomore season. The individual winner of the season-ending Championship Game (formerly the All-Star Game) wins the right to hold on to the Fulton Cup for the next year and eventually has an engraved panel with his or her name and championship year placed on the trophy.

Following the 2006 All-Star Game, the Executive Board voted to change the trophy’s name from the “Commissioner’s Cup” to the Fulton Cup to honor Catherine (Anne) Fulton — an acquaintance of co-founder Tim Anstett.  Anne tragically died in a 2000 car accident and her picture is included on the trophy’s base. The ‘Cup is dedicated to her memory and her enthusiasm for sports. It is only fitting that our trophy be awarded to each season’s ultimate champion.

This page commemorates those winners.  Our present holder of the Fulton Cup is Russ Hofman.

Symbolic items on the trophy include:

  • The US Flag – For our national patriotism.
  • The rough edges on the topmost bowl – Symbolic of all the rough games our champions played en route to their big victories.

Fulton Cup Trivia:

  • The Fulton Cup has never been won twice in a row by the same person.
  • The Fulton Cup has never been won by a tournament host or a female.
  • The Fulton Cup has never been won with the red, black, or extra (striped) ball.

Past Winners:

Year Champion Host Site
2011-12 Russ Hofman The Back 40 (Tom & Pam)
2010 Tim Anstett The Back 40 (Tom & Pam)
2009 * Matt Tillotson The Back 40 (Tom & Pam)
2008 Chris Pecktol The Back 40 (Tom & Pam)
2007 Scott Siegel Red Run Park (Mike)
2006 Tim Anstett Red Run Park (Mike)
2005 Michael P. Callan Siegel Dogleg (Scott)
2004 Mike Brault Callan Yard (Mike)