Interested BCL members are welcome to form conferences (or clubs) within the BCL, subject to the following guidelines:

  • All BCL rules and regulations must be followed (this would not preclude a club from adopting guidelines stricter than the BCL’s).
  • A club must be formed by six or more active members, with four of the six active any given season.
  • An adult member must serve as the conference chair and also serve as a liaison to the League Office and Executive Board.
  • All BCL members not a part of an existing club shall be assigned to the “BCL Independents” club.
  • A member may not be a member of more than one club. EXCEPTION: To promote female membership and participation, the BCL currently allows females to be part of two clubs, provided the second club is an all-female club.

Current Clubs:

  • BCL Independents — Chair: Scott S.
  • Oakland County Croquet Federation (OCCF) — President: Tim A.