2010 Fulton Cup

Fulton Cup VII was held on October 3, 2010 with a 2:00 PM starting time. Tom & Pam once again were our “hosts with the most.”

The Back 40

The Back 40 - Home of the 2010 Fulton Cup

Participants & Seedings:

1. Michelle Tillotson
2. Tom Callan
3. Russ Hofman
4. Tim Anstett
5. Krista Ohl (Invited Guest)

Final Results:

  • 1st: Tim Anstett, Yellow, 16 points
  • 2nd: Michelle Tillotson, Green, 14
  • 3rd: Russ Hofman, Red, 13
  • 4th: Tom Callan, Blue, 12
  • 5th: Krista Ohl, Black, 11

Peeled by Opponent: Michelle 2, Tom, Krista

Tim is the first person to win the Fulton Cup two separate times.

Tim - 2010 Fulton Cup Winner

League Honors:

  • All League: Scott Siegel (Player of the Year), Tom Callan, Pam Callan, Tim Anstett, Joe, Grace
  • Rookie of the Year: Grace
  • Federation of the Year: The Oakland County Croquet Federation

OCCF Honors:

  • All Conference: Tom Callan (MVP), Pam Callan

Writeup from BCL Mailing List:

Despite the weather and a smaller field than expected, the decision was made to brave the cold and conduct our ultimate event. This is everyone’s chance to put aside the past games to date and end the season on a high note.

Today’s game was not lacking when it came to action. With a field of five participants (four members and a guest), what appeared to look like a possible runaway turned into a tightly-contested game with 5 separate lead changes among 4 individuals. Russ Hofman led at the turn and despite a timely send by Tim Anstett, he remained in the thick of things and tried to position himself for what would be his first Fulton Cup. All the while, Michelle Tillotson was slowly making her way along the course and hoping to win her first cup (and be the first female member to do so).

However, the story of the day involves history. Tim Anstett entered the game with no wins so far this season. He knew coming in one of two things would happen: he would either lose once more for his first win less BCL season, or he would win and be the first member to win the cup on two separate occasions (with his last win in 2006). With two players well in front of him, it appeared the former would be the end result. Undaunted, however, he used a timely roquet at the “wicket of doom” (underneath the tree house) and used it to start a four point break that earned him his first win of 2010 and a place in BCL history as the first person to win the Fulton Cup on two separate occasions.