Moving Forward


The BCL has been inactive as of lately…

However, the league office is looking to change this and resume hosting events in 2016. Due to scheduling this year, I am looking for members that could host events on Saturdays. I know in the past, there has been more interest in Saturday competition, so i hope this generates new interest in the BCL. If you can host an event, please let me know.

Also, I’ve updated nine-wicket handicaps tonight to reflect Fulton Cup VIII, our last croquet event. Russ is still holding on to the Fulton Cup until someone else wins it away from him.

Interest permitting, I’m hoping to once-again offer unsanctioned cornhole (or perhaps even croquet) in conjunction with Detroit Catholic Singles (DCS) when they have their weekly summer night gatherings at Warren’s Butcher Park. What better opportunity to perfect your technique?

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