Cruisin’ Classic Recap

August 21, 2011 Champions

Despite a brief 10 minute downpour, Mother Nature could not ruin a good afternoon for swinging mallets at small plastic balls. Special thanks to Tom for being our most with the most and giving us our first game in the second half of the season in a long time.

In game one, Tom led at the turn but ran out of gas on the back straightaway. it was Joe who once again proved maturity and skill beyond his years to earn the win in the opener.

After a break to catch the Tigers sweep of the Indians in dramatic fashion, we played one more game to wrap up the afternoon. Once again, Tom led at the turn, but Michelle Tillotson came away with the win, in spite of numerous attempts to heckle her at the end and a controversial withdrawal late in the game.

Game #1 Result: Joe 16, Russ 14, Michelle 12, Matt* 10, Tom 9, Tim 7

Game #2 Result: Michelle 16, Matt* 14, Tom 12, Tim 11, Joe 8, Mike (“Young MC”) 5, Russ-DQ.