Firecracker Fest Recap

Firecracker Festival 2011 Picture

Russ H. - The big winner of the night.

On Thursday, June 30, the BCL saw some firsts. It was our first event for 2011 after the crazy weather has seen us cancel many events. It was also the first time someone other than a Tillotson won the Firecracker Festival after 4 straight wins by that family. Finally, it was also the first time we played a sanctioned cornhole match.

Russ overcame a slow start & some difficulty down the stretch to earn the win in a quick 37 minute game.

After a break to let the kids blow off some steam, we had our first BCL-sanctioned cornhole match. In a nailbiter that went the full 13 inning regular-season limit, Russ and Scott Siegel defeated Tim and host Mike by one point. This definitely gave Russ the right to be named the Big Winner of the night.

Croquet Result: Russ 16, Mike 13, Tim 11, Scott S. 10

Cornhole Result: Russ/Scott 16, Mike/Tim 15 (13 inn.)

Event Scorecard